Exploring the power of a cloud system

By Swish

November 30, 2015


The cloud concept is a relatively new database and business management system which delivers powerful results across a vast range of international business ventures.

What is a cloud and how does it work really?

Rachel Wilson, one of our directors at M Squared, sat down to discuss the cloud operating system and the immediate benefits it offers to our clients.

The term “Cloud System” describes a constant collaborative live stream of a businesses’ data. Contacts, Live bank account feeds, Invoices, Payroll data, Debits/Credits, and more are stored in a secure online server. This server can be accessed from any location around the world and various rights of access can be assigned to individual employees. This means the server has security and is protected from unwanted threats whilst also providing an employer with various levels of access for individuals ranging from employees to clients.

Having a constant and live database through the cloud enables M Squared to provide clients with 100% real time advice. Documents, payroll services, live bank feeds, and company spreadsheets can be viewed simultaneously from multiple locations. Collaboration and consultation has never been so attainable or functional.

The cloud is also another step in company transparency, allowing organisations to maintain open accountability for their work. Side windows are used through the cloud system that provide panes next to the documentation allowing for commentary, time stamps, and record keeping on a focused and individual level.

At M Squared we are taking cloud management systems to the next level. We specialise in using the database to remotely manage office systems for our clients. Our capabilities include but are not limited to bookkeeping services, payroll functions, debtors, tax consultation, basic office administration, and live tax advice.

We can evaluate your spending and record keeping on a day to day basis, eliminating the “pre-tax rush” which typically includes a stressful time period of gathering all of your financial records and getting them to your accountant.

By managing a live feed M-Squared can flag issues within your business and streamline it for tax and business management purposes. That means no stress come tax time, it’s already been sorted and there are no last minute surprises.

Is the cloud system right for you? Do you have questions we can assist you with? Please send us an email or give us a call today

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