Why choose us?

  • Compliance tax specialists, offering 50 plus years of combined experience
  • Broad global and domestic experience
  • Extensive focus on Australia’s international tax regime and bylaws
  • Knowledge of new international tax agreements
  • Exclusive knowledge of cross border operations and foreign subsidiaries
  • Extensive expertise in the oil and gas industry
  • Comprehensive compliance services, one stop shopping
  • All decisions provided are bulletproof, guaranteed

Our services

ATO Dispute Resolutions

As part of our comprehensive service and bulletproof advice guarantee we are fully versed and capable of assisting with ATO disputes. Our staff have extensive experience in managing risk and liaising with required parties to reduce your debt, assist with ATO reviews, and manage the entire dispute resolution process from beginning to end. It is our policy to ensure our clients get the best advice and resolutions available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an exclusive consultation on this matter.

Business Activity Statements (BAS) & Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)

We can assist with:

  • Goods and Services (GST) tax advice
  • Business Activity statement preparation
  • Instalment activity statement preparation
  • Preparation of PAYG income tax instalments
  • Preparation of PAYG tax withheld statements
  • Preparation of Fringe Benefits instalments
  • Lodgement of all instalment statements
  • Liaison with the ATO in relation to past or future instalment notices

We aim to provide a comprehensive service for our clients and as such are fully versed in the completion of Business Activity and Instalment Activity statements. Our staff assist you from the initial consultation, gathering the required documentation of your business, all the way through to the lodgement your statements. We have extensive experience in Goods and Services (GST) taxation which we use to lodge accurate, timely, and complete reports. At M Squared we take the weight off your shoulders.

Business and Company Tax Returns

We can assist with:

  • Preparation and lodgement of business tax returns
  • Advice on declaring your GST and other benefits
  • Preparation and lodgement of company tax return
  • Lodgement of PAYG statements and instalments
  • Comprehensive advice on business tax reduction
  • Liaison with the ATO in relation any enquiries or issues

At M Squared & Associates we specialise in tax planning and as such are skilled in the preparation, completion, and lodgement of tax returns for businesses and company related entities.

Capital Gains Tax

We can assist with:

  • Capital gains tax rollovers from business acquisitions and restructures
  • Capital gains tax exemptions for foreign residents and Australian residents with foreign subsidiaries
  • Small business capital gains tax concessions
  • Rollover Relief and Concessions

A capital gain or capital loss is the difference between what it cost you to purchase an item and what you receive when you dispose/sell the item. In Australia there are a myriad of rules, regulations, exemptions, rollovers, and concessions that apply to different businesses in relation to capital gains tax. M Squared & Associates assists businesses through the process of capital gains by offering advice on your current assets, assisting you in interacting with the ATO, and defining your rollovers/concessions.

Foreign Subsidiaries Compliance

We can assist with:

  • GST and VAT Compliance
  • Implementing tax effective operational structures
  • Completion of Schedule 25A
  • Assistance in documenting transfer pricing policies
  • Negotiation of Advance Pricing Arrangements with the ATO
  • Assistance with repatriation of profits
  • Assistance in the active income tests under the Controlled Foreign Entity provisions of the tax act
  • Advice on thin capitalisation and overseas financing

When a business makes the decision to grow on an international scale or alternatively establish operations in Australia for the first time, there are a myriad of tax laws and rulings to be considered. M Squared focuses on effective solutions to assist organisations through the different requirements for foreign businesses. We have many years of experience and specialists who can assist you through the process.

Fringe Benefit Returns

We can assist with:

  • Understanding the FBT system
  • Building fringe benefits into a salary package
  • Ensuring FBT Compliance
  • Identification of fringe benefits in your current structure
  • Identification of applicable exemptions for your business
  • Liaison with the ATO on all FBT matters for your business

Fringe benefits are classified as employee benefits that are not included in the employee’s normal wage. Examples of this can include car and car parking fringe benefits, housing benefits, and entertainment fringe benefits. The employer is liable for the taxes on these benefits and M Squared & Associates can assist in compliance and planning for this tax.

Salary Packaging

We can assist with:

  • Liaison with employer to establish salary packaging possibilities
  • Effectively defining which sacrifices are applicable to the employee
  • Creating a solution that works for both employer and employees
  • Navigating the taxation requirements and exemptions available

Salary packaging can be a mutually beneficial concept for both the employer and employee of a business. An effective salary package increases the employee’s effective take home pay whilst effectively costing the employer nothing in excess of the agreed upon salary. At M Squared we focus on creating the best package for both parties and can consult on many different areas of salary packaging.

Withholding Tax

We can assist with:

  • Ascertaining withholding tax obligations
  • Completion of annual investment income reports (AIIR)
  • Investment body obligation consultations
  • Deduction of withholding rates required
  • Completion of withholding declarations

The ATO uses a self-assessment process in relation to most tax matters. This essentially means it is up to the company or individual to correctly discern their tax obligations and as such are held accountable for mistakes made. Now, according to the ATO non-resident tax withholding is where payers are required to withhold an amount from interest, unfranked dividends, and royalty payments paid to non-residents. Non-residents may be individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, or superannuation funds. M Squared assists individuals and employers in withholding the correct amount of tax.